Friday, January 5, 2018

Al Gore Explains Why It's Been Cold This Week

Michael Mann is the "climate scientist" who is in his "Trial of the Century" lawsuit with Mark Steyn, which unfortunately is moving at a "glacier" pace.

Watts Up With That: Claim: Arctic warming is influencing the UK's extreme weather

Maybe Al Gore's worried the cold will threaten coconut oil production?
Instapundit: Oceania has always been a war with global warming and Global Warming Films Bomb in 2017

Pirate's Cove: Bomb cyclones are the new normal! and Goracle confusing weather with climate

Don Surber: Liberals paid dearly for global warming hysteriaHottest Year Ever?

TOM: Near Term Extinction

Instapundit: This is a billboard in Time Square, where it happens to be a bit chilly this week

EBL: Cold Weather Warning: Nipple Chip! 

Pirate's Cove: What about the iguanas!

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