Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) Expected To Resign Tomorrow Update: More Democrats to follow?

When the Democrats sent Tom Hagen to meet with Gropey Franken, you knew the end was near...

AoSHQ: After the seventh accuser, Democrats pull support

Political Clown Parade: Keep us abreast of the avalanche Al...

Powerline: The Franken Hedge? and The Expendable Mr. Franken

Rush Limbaugh: Matt Lauer, Al Franken, and the Friars Club Roast

The Atlantic: I believe Al Franken's accusers, because he groped me too

Twitchy: Minnesota Public Radio says Franken will resign, Franken's office disputes story

Hot Air: Schumer piles on, Franken goes tomorrow, John Conyers III arrested for domestic abuse, but not prosecuted

Instapundit: Modified Limited Hangout, Seems Awfully Nixonian of Franken,Al Franken's Floor Show/Resignation SpeechCzech Republic will recognize West Jerusalem as Israel's capitalDemocrats threw the black guy under the bus way faster than Franken, Conyers' heir apparent has a history with women (and not in a good way), Free Hugs?

AoSHQ: D'Oh! Maybe Fancy Nancy should leave with these Gropers?

Lem's Place: Conyers Resigns (nice gif by Chip)

DaTechGuy: Franken's resignation will help the Democrats in the midterms  There is some truth in this.  Dems finally booted out Conyers and Franken. Moore may well win. But as for the midterms, there is a bit of time between then and now. Who knows what other Democrats (or Republicans for that matter) will get accused.  Of course, Republicans know they have to avoid these scandals. Dems are just learning how vulnerable they really are.  And as Hot Air (and Powerline) note, if Moore wins and Franken un-resigns, will Democrats back him?  


  1. I thought only Republicans resigned.

    Trump really has changed things.

    1. Trump definitely helps. It is not all Trump, Weiner resigned, thanks to Andrew Breitbart. Of course, it is easy to kick out their own when the seat is safe. Bob Menendez is safe, at least until a Democrat governor takes over NJ.

  2. Bob is safe, which makes this obvious "ok, we made ours resign, so why will you vote in Moore" tactic so silly. Moore voters are not hypocrites for waiting for solid evidence or even a trial before acting negatively towards him. Menendez has gotten far more that than. A hypocrite is someone who one week calls a person an icon and the next week says he should resign. Or a feminist that openly says a Senator should say despite the allegations because of his voting record on abortion, and the victim should just take one for the team. Those are hypocrites.


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