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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hillary Rosen Is Easily Triggered

I do not consider someone professing a love of bacon to be anti anything, but pro bacon (although I get why pigs might disagree). There is nothing wrong with professing a love of bacon. And last time I checked, most Jews do not get too freaked out about bacon. Muslims on the other hand...

“Even apocalypse looks less dire when viewed over a plate of bacon.” Stephanie Stamm, A Gift of Wings

Bacon Fashion Fails (actually I think they work)

Bacon Boobs

Bacon Brows

She ain't a beauty, but hey, her bacon's all right...

AoSHQ: This Is CNN

Goodstuffs: 220th Edition

Hogewash: Not making this up

Mark Steyn: Send Out Hijab Emojis

Rio Norte Line: Dawn of Wonder Woman

The Feral Irishman: Things get wild late night!

Woodsterman: Sunday Lighter Side: How to wash a cat

90 Miles From Tyranny: Miss Iraq and Israel together (oh oh) and Churchill

Animal Magnetism: Saturday Gingermageddon and Animal's New Finch News

Pirate's Cove: Sorta bloodless Sunday Pinup  and If all you see is this, or this, or this...

A View From The Beach: #HimToo: A Hardball to Chris Matthews' Face and Our Egyptian allies

Instapundit: Baby, It's Unplayful and Ahistorical Outside: The Effort to Ban 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'

Diogenes' Middle Finger: Fishnet FridayA Good Monday Morning, Fighting the Patriarchy, and Winning Formula?

Political Clown Parade: The Sleazy Saucer-eyed Political ConspiratorCNN Christmas Songs, Flowing Curves of Beauty, Yuletide Respite, Sneak Attack Senator resigns on Pearl Harbor Day, Most Creative Molestation Excuse

Proof Positive: Best of the Web, FNB Katie Nolan, VBW Tracey Scroggins, Helena Handbasket, The dog on the right is holding a puppy, Saturday Night Music, FNB Sofia Milos, VBW Gwili Andre, Medal of Honor Pvt. 1st Class Robert E. Simanek

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and mockery of idiot liberal pundits:

Dust bury
Theo Spark
Daily Gator
Pirate's Cove
Proof Positive
The Right Way
MissK's World...
American Power
Guns and Bikinis
Raconteur Report
Angrymikes hood
The Last Tradition
Adrienne's Corner
The Feral Irishman
Camp of the Saints
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Maggie's Notebook
The Classic Liberal
The Rio Norte Line
Randy's Roundtable
A Nod To The Gods
Political Clown Parade
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The Vulgar Curmudgeon
A View From The Beach
Diogenes' Middle Finger
Your Crazy Uncle Bubba
Old Retired Petty Officer
Ninety Miles From Tyranny
Knuckledraggin My Life Away
In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

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