Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#FakeNews from Newsweek and Slate

Instapundit: Slate and Newsweek running the same fake news headline

What is stupid about stories like this is how much they reveal about the hostile bias of the media. Like Melania Trump wants to cut down a 200 year old magnolia tree planted by Andrew Jackson--yet the liars at Newsweek and Slate essentially say that with their completely misleading headlines. The true story is the White House arborist wants the tree trimmed back because it is unsafe and rotted. Southern Magnolias don't live forever. All this does is reveal what lying scumbags Newsweek and Slate are.  

By the way, isn't Slate owned by Katherine Graham's family?  Have these Fake News whores at Newsweek and Slate have no shame? CNN reported the story accurately. Chelsea Clinton came to the defense of Melania Trump over this.  

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