Monday, December 11, 2017

Elizabeth Allen

I was watching Donovan's Reef this weekend (caution spoilers). I am a fan of John Ford, Lee Marvin and John Wayne. The film was not that good, but not completely unwatchable. 

But there was a racist liberal Yankee in the film, played by Elizabeth Allen (I was prompted by The Other McCain's post). Actually Elizabeth Allen's character is not really racist (although she refers to mixed race children in the film as half-caste), another twist on the James Michener's South Pacific theme, which is not surprising given Michener helped wright the script which Donovan's Reef was based on.  

Dorothy Lamour also plays Lee Martin's girlfriend in the film.  Cesar Romero also plays a French diplomatic official with dreams of being reassigned to Miami or Hollywood.  

I am surprised Elizabeth Allen did not do more film work. 

Elizabeth Allen above is NOT Elizabeth Montgomery's mother. That was this Elizabeth Allen.

Lee Marvin and Dorothy Lamour

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  1. She did her share, but you have to watch for her.

    And half caste was perfectly acceptable to describe mixed race people 50 years ago.

    1. It just make me think how heads would explode if some actor or celebrity said that today.


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