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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps: Hometown Hotties join the Marines

With the birthday of the Marine Corps this November 10, it is only right and proper to have this post...

Shannon Ihrke: Once a Marine, always a Marine...

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Goodstuffs: 269th Edition

Proof Positive: Best of the Web

The Feral Irishman: Friday Femme Fatale

Diogenes' Middle Finger: Nov 4: It Begins

Animal Magnetism: Saturday Gingermageddon

Daily Caller: There is no such thing as a former Marine

Woodsterman: The Meme, Friday Follies, and Cream Puff

American Power: Uma Thurman too angry to talk right now

A View from the Beach: Why Trump was Elected and Nadine Leopold

90 Miles from Tyranny: Girls with Guns and Hopelessly Compromised

Pirate's Cove: If all you see is this... or this... or sorta bloodless Sunday and No.

Instapundit: Veteran's Day and Marine Corps Birthday PhotosBad Ass of the Week Irv Refkin

Political Clown Parade: Donna Brazile's Broken Heart, Disgraceful Col. Jeffrey Nance and Dilly Dilly

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and beautiful patriot warriors:

Dust bury
Theo Spark
Daily Gator
Pirate's Cove
Proof Positive
The Right Way
MissK's World...
American Power
Guns and Bikinis
Raconteur Report
Angrymikes hood
The Last Tradition
Adrienne's Corner
The Feral Irishman
Camp of the Saints
Animal Magnatism
Maggie's Notebook
The Classic Liberal
The Rio Norte Line
Randy's Roundtable
A Nod To The Gods
Political Clown Parade
24 Femmes Per Second
The Vulgar Curmudgeon
A View From The Beach
Diogenes' Middle Finger
Your Crazy Uncle Bubba
Old Retired Petty Officer
Ninety Miles From Tyranny
Knuckledraggin My Life Away
In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

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