Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Something Is Seriously Wrong At West Point...and he admits being inspired by Chelsea Manning!

Update: The Lid: Commie Cadet Gets The Boot!

I am hoping this is photo-shopped or a very misguided prank. There is nothing illegal about being a Communist. It just means you are a mental dotard though, and shouldn't be trusted with even a sharp pencil.  

But I do expect the screening process of West Point to cull mentally deficient people like this. Che Guevara was a monster (he was also a racist and a homophobe). The kneeling stuff in the NFL is bad. But this crap at West Point?  

Babalú Blog: Military to respond quickly and Why the big deal?

The Lid: Kaepernick/Commie Lover inspired by Chelsea Manning


  1. Very weird.

    He entered and became a Ranger and his Congressman is strongly pro-Trump.

    One wonders if this kid is like Clay Allison, Western gunfighter who went all psychotic after a blow to the head while serving in the Confederate artillery.

    1. Very weird. We are speculating about head trauma, but it does happen (they are making that argument about Hernandez from the Patriots).


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