Friday, July 14, 2017

Where In The World Is Heidy Pandora?

Instapundit had this under 21st Century Relationships about 24 year old globetrotter Heidy Pandora (and there are more pictures at the link), who supposedly gets free vacations around the world with older married men, who she may or may not sleep with, in exchange for them picking up the travel tab.  

This story has a very Ashley Madison vibe about it. Her name is 'Heidy Pandora' and an internet match site saved her life?  Guys, don't buy into this--unless you want a Russian hacking connection of the type that cleans out your bank account. I am calling BS on it. I am sure there may be plenty of 'free travel' for this young woman, but I suspect there is more to this than just free travel.  

Assuming this whole Heidy story is not completely made up by the 'Miss Travel' website, she insists she never asks for money and just likes to travel to put off her depression. That may be true. There are plenty of hot women who will hang around with rich older men--although for the most part I do not see that as a cure for depression. But she also points out that she only engages in sex if her partner and her make a connection. 

Free travel is great, but I do not see many 24 year olds doing this just for the travel (other than perhaps with desirable celebrities or potential marriage material) unless more was made available to them than picking up the hotel, airline and dinner tabs.  

As Robert Heinlein noted with TANSTAAFL, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." And if she is just crazy and not primarily profit motivated, trust me, you will eventually pay.  You will wish it was just a cash exchange.

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