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Monday, July 31, 2017

National Avocado Day

Kristina Bazan thinks you are going to take her eggs and avocado!

Instapundit: Houston, we have a problem (send oysters and avocados)

I always National Avocado Day was Superbowl Sunday, but ok, July 31 it is. We can also expect a price drop given the bounty of the avocado harvest. Avocados are now considered a Superfood, but I always considered guacamole a super food, because they taste super awesome.

Guac This Way: Here's a guacamole recipe for National Avocado Day

The Atlantic: America's Favorite Fruit? The marketing!


Bigger is generally better with avocados

Fun Fact: Van Gogh predicted the rise of the avocado, Persea americana

But Botticelli was there before Vincent!

Realizing avocados will not grow in Norway...

Any Avocado on that Nadia G sandwich?

Kim Kardashian needs a primer on how to eat guacamole...

Daily Caller: Ivanka's medal of honor dress (DC getting very Rule 5)

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and tasty avocados: 

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