Friday, July 7, 2017

Celebrate World Chocolate Day

The Aztec human sacrifices weren't cool, but at least they discovered chocolate!

The Tree of Life? Theobroma cacao

Obtaining cocoa directly from farmers in Congo. The seeds are more akin to jackfruit (all slimy but citrusy in flavor) when they come out the pods (while different species, there are similarities between the fruit and trees). After fermentation and drying turn the pod seeds into what we recognize as cacao beans (which when ground become cocoa powder).

I do support the idea of private investing in these farmers, rather than providing governmental aid (which rarely works). Investing has a long term benefit.

Chocolate is sexy and women love chocolate, so...

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  1. The Aztecs used chocolate as a bitter sauce.

    Those guys were no fun at all.

    1. It was very bitter, but they drank a concentrated brew that emphasized the theobromime. People think chocolate has high caffeine. While there is a little caffeine, the primary active ingredient is theobromine, which like caffeine, increases alertness (but with less jitteriness). So their brew (while bitter) was more akin to a very strong espresso.


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