Sunday, June 18, 2017

Was the acquittal of Officer Yanez in the shooting of Philando Castile a miscarriage of justice?

It was a tragic mistake. I did not see all the evidence presented to the jury, but it sounds like they recognize the officer was not acting out of malice. Still, it is a troubling case for anyone who conceal carries. If you don't see a gun, the police can't just start shooting (especially into a vehicle with a girl friend and child in it too and the reason for the stop was a busted tail light).  

The prosecutor may have screwed up by seeking 2nd degree murder against the officer. That is an over stretch. I would have thought some sort of lesser manslaughter or felony reckless endangerment charge more appropriate.  It also did not help matters that Governor Dayton jumped to judgment immediately after the shooting and suggested the motivation was racism.  

This video is absolutely shocking (Officer Yanez completely loses it in panic): 

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