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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This Is CNN: Fake News and CNN's made up Russian Story

CNN's Brian Seltzer is right there in the mud...he should be fired too

This is a big deal. Getting caught making up fake news is bad

Instapundit: Fake News Fallout: CNN Fires Three Journalists, Trump Claims Victory over CNNCNN admits its Russian coverage of Trump bull**** and fake newsThe state of journalism today, CNN producer spills the beans on Fake News, CNN and Russian Witch Hunt

AoSHQ: CNN denies connection on its Fake News hit pieces (imagine that), Project Veritas posts sting video of CNN admitting doing fake news for ratings, Three CNN employees tied to fake Russia story resign

Don Surber: Fake News complains when people call it CNNHannity: Bring me the head of CNNThree news fakers depart CNN

Rush Limbaugh: A lesson on how media propaganda works and Victor Davis Hanson senses the momentum shifting for Trump

Daily Wire: Trump is having a blast with CNN fake news meltdown (John Nolte knows CNN)

Lem's Levity: Veritas Video: Trump is good for CNN

Powerline: CNN's very bad week

Muckraking (or mudlarking) was never looked at as a particularly desirable profession (hence the borrowing of the term 'muckraking' for unscrupulous journalists dredging up scandalous stories), but the way CNN does it is way dirtier than digging through real muck...CNN fakes the news.  

Inquistr: Mudlarking along the River Thames

TOM: Emergency Tip Jar Appeal

Instapundit: Ouch!

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