Monday, June 26, 2017

President Trump prevails (in part) at the Supreme Court

This Supreme Court decision today on the Travel Ban case (while only a partial win and a punt) works in President Trump's favor.  Politically it is a big win for the President. We all win with some of these decisions, especially the ruling on religious freedom in Missouri.  

It is not all wins at the Supreme Court though (at least for those of us who support private property rights*). The Supreme Court just recently made a horrible decision in Murr v. Wisconsin.  That decision did not involved Neil Gorsuch, although his vote would not have changed the outcome (short of Gorsuch persuading his former boss Anthony Kennedy to change his vote).  

BTW: Is Anthony Kennedy going to retire after this term?  God, I hope so after this Murr decision. Conservative Treehouse suggests no departure before December.  

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* Donald Trump in the past was supportive of the monstrosity of Kelo, but Neil Gorsuch hates it.  

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