Sunday, June 4, 2017

Katherine Timpf notes the left feeding on itself: Veganism erases Trans People

In a piece titled “4 Ways Mainstream Animal Rights Movements Are Oppressive,” Mahealani Joy explains how problematic it is that “when mainstream vegan feminists talk about animal rights,” they are “super trans-exclusionary.”  
(Yes, not just regular trans-exclusionary, but “super trans-exclusionary.”)
As Katherine Timpf has noted, when it comes to food, it is tough out there for women too.

As we saw at the Evergreen State College it has been a week of out of control SJWs. Good thing most lefty SJWs are not taking up the tactics of Islamists...yet.  

EBL: Vegetarians wearing lettuce for Planet Gaia Trans people dissed again!

Hey, talking about feeding on one's self, This Is CNN:

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