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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bill Cosby on Trial

How does a guy like Bill Cosby put on a legal defense like this?  It makes no sense.
From these reports, it is almost as if they were trying to throw it?

I always thought Bill Cosby was a funny guy. Obviously if he really has been drugging and raping women over the years, that is really bad. Unlike some celebrity issues, this one is just sad regardless of how it turns out. There are all sorts of public policy arguments, pro and con over the issue of extending statute of limitations in such cases. But when it comes to criminal liability, I am very skeptical on making conviction easier than it currently is.

And then there is tragedy of Cosby's son being murdered. So even if Bill Cosby is guilty of what he is accused of, I am still sympathetic to him on the issue of his son.  

Then there are other serial sexual assaulters who get a complete pass. Why is that? 

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  1. I want to be sympathetic. It even took me awhile to believe the stories. However, unless several woman got together to collaborate a hoax crime; the hearsay evidence seemed rather convincing even before the trial.

    As a guy that has been accused of stuff that did not happen; I both have reservations for accepting accusations against others (No Hillary, accusers don't get a right to be believed, ask Paula Jones or Juanita Broaderick) and a blood desire to see confirmed predators removed from society (jailed, exiled, in some cases buried). I've been a juror on a sexual assault case, and I also found that I didn't want to believe the crime because it was horrible and evidence almost purely hearsay. But in the case I sat on; the Defendant took the stand and destroyed the case his lawyer made for him, much like watch Comey take the stand last week to destroy the persona made of him by others.

    I think Bill Cosby is guilty, and he is ready to atone for his sins. I think he gave a lot to many, but he also seems to have taken quite a bit from a few. I don't know what sentence I would give him. His story is why I have faith that the final judgment is reserved for God. His fate is not mine to decide, and I'm happy for it.

    1. I concur. It looks really bad for Cosby. That said, I know that if there is backlash to make prosecutions easier, innocent persons will fall into that net.

      And I find it disgusting how the left gives Clinton a pass, because he is on their side. What craven hypocrisy is that?

    2. The fact that Clinton wasn't treated like a CEO taking advantage of subordinate is why I have zero respect for people that call themselves feminists. I grew up hearing how wrong it was for men in leadership to take advantage of their power, even if women were willing. Then he gets a blowjob from an unpaid intern while the government is shutdown, and "its sex between two adults and none of our business". Sorry folks, you convinced me previously it is wrong, and I bought into that, and so I think it is wrong. If Bill had come out saying he was in love with Monica, was going to divorce Hillary; then maybe I might have accepted; "it's just two people that fell in love".


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