Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Russians Caused Hillary Clinton To Lose

Hillary just can't handle the real truth: She is the reason she lost.

AoSHQ: Are you a Russian agent?

Mark Steyn: Comey, Colbert, And Cultural Genocide

Wombat: Twitchy: And Now We Know How Hillary’s Classified E-Mails Wound Up On Weiner’s Laptop


  1. Hillary's ego doesn't allow her to come to terms that half of the country (and majorities where it counted) thought that she was a contemptible cur. They didn't vote for her then and polling shows that they wouldn't vote for her now.

  2. Hillary was heading to Wisconsin when Vladimir Putin handcuffed her to the bed in her Motel 6. Feather boas and whipped cream may have been involved.

  3. Still going through Shattered via audiobook. Just completed the convention, and the discussion of Chelsea giving her speech about her mom. How, if you got to know her, you would know that she took her daughter to volleyball games and such. Sounds great but two things... 1) such an action qualifies most parents in the US to be President 2) Most parents weren't living in a government provided mansion with chauffeurs to do the driving whether taking you and the kid, or perhaps just the kid if you got tied up with something else. The oddity was the campaign lacked such basic knowledge of the electorate to even catch how empty such a speech was. Alas, they were pretty busy with the Russian backed communists causing disruptions for Bernie Sanders at the convention.


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