Monday, May 15, 2017

Merrick Garland for FBI Director?

I thought this was a joke at first, but apparently it is being seriously considered by Mitch McConnell (at least that was floated on Fox News Sunday this morning). A couple of things: Would Garland give up a life time appointment in the D.C. Circuit to be FBI Director?  It opens up a significant judicial appointment for Trump. At the same time, couldn't a very hostile FBI Director cause a lot of problems for President Trump?

Still, as a way of trolling Democrats, it is sort of interesting.

EBL: Who Should replace Comey?

Breitbart: Comey-Clinton Connections

Hot Air: Do American even care about Comey firing?

Don Surber: Even Hillary voters don't care and Courage Dan Rather

Legal Insurrection: Merrick Garland for FBI Director? What about William Jacobson?

Instapundit: Pro Tip for GOP Senate: Anything Schumer is for, you should be againstRichard FernandezOur Fragile Civilization and As the Orcs were made in parody of the Elves...

Washington Examiner: Can Schumer block any confirmation vote?  Only if he gets defections from the GOP side.

Nox and Friends: The Comey Clinton Connection How long did Comey work there--five years?  Six million bucks is a lot of compensation...what did Comey do for Lockheed Martin? Then he gets appointed to the FBI by Barack Obama (that should tell you something).

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  1. Since Garland was Pissy's choice for SCUS, he's going to be the most partisan, agenda-driven Lefty this side of Eric Holder.

    Gowdy OTOH...


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