Sunday, May 7, 2017

Macron Wins In France

Hey, never underestimate the French to do what is not in their best interest. Le Pen is hardly "far right" but she was against further Muslim immigration and the EU. Winner: Macron.  Loser: France, Western Civilization.

EBL: Brigitte Bardot dit que Marie Le Pen est comme Jeanne d’Arc, Jeanne D'Arc et de Charles Martel et la bataille de Tours

Instapundit: Europe's Problem: Childless LeadersScott Adams: Hey!, PJ Media: Why Le Pen LostIt helps when you have the media on your sideMacron projected to win and French parties unified against Le Pen

AmPowBlog: Why Macron Won and Macron beats Le Pen

AoSHQ: Sex abuse survivor wins

Powerline: De Gaulle and Islam

Hot Air: Macron Landslide

Reuters: Emphatic margin

Actually this is Macron's Real Old Lady...

Hey: Instapundit Comments

Twitchy: Macron's victory not even close (but when the French lose, they tend to lose big)

Blazing Cat Fur: Mark Steyn on Europe's childless leaders

Gay Patriot: France elects its first woman president

Daily Caller: Macron plays EU anthem

Hot Air: France's No Win Situation

Victory Girls: Status Quo Is Intact

Legal Insurrection: Macron wins

PatriotRetort: France surrenders

NRO: Macron It Is

Mark Steyn: Leading By Example

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