Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Save Steve Bannon

I know Steve Bannon is an asshole. People who have worked with him (and generally agree with him philosophically) can and do attest to that. Just because he is an asshole, does not mean he's wrong. Some say he is sinister and will destroy Trump (I generally like Ben Shapiro, but that is OTT). President Trump benefits from having a team of rivals among his advisers. Bannon is right about the dangers of the administrative state and putting American interests first. I am with Halperin with this, Trump is better off with Bannon than without him (Halperin is way smarter, by the way, than Joe Scarborough).

Trump should not lead with Bannon or give him too much authority. Trump's son-in-law's advice  is also important (and I would not give Kushner too much authority either). It is a ying and yang thing. Trump needs to keep Bannon and Kushner from throttling each other, while getting the benefit of their respective advice and counsel. Trump will not always agree with one or the other, but it helps to hear from both.

And the left absolutely loathes Bannon. Trump should keep him around just to drive them nuts. And why not? Do you think the left and media will suddenly like Trump more if he throws them Bannon? Hell no, it will just embolden them to attack Trump more.

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New Republic: Trump would fail even worse with Kushner centrism.  Ok, the New Republic is playing passive aggressive with this, but while their rational is a bunch of lefty garbage (and Trump is not failing by the way), the underlying thesis is right. Trump benefits by having Bannon around.

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