Saturday, April 15, 2017

Andrew Sullivan blames Hillary Clinton for losing to Trump!

Not a profound insight by Mr. Sullivan, but I give him credit for saying this to Democrats. Of course Democrats should walk away from the Clintons and not look back. 

Sullivan misses (of course) that Donald Trump was a more formidable candidate than people gave him credit for (he did beat the entire GOP field before taking on Clinton). The media hated him and Trump had bombshells drop on him during the campaign that normally would have destroyed another candidate. Somehow he not only survived, he prevailed. Yet the media continues to underestimate him. Hence why Roger Simon predicts he will win again in 2020.  

But it was a close race; Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania (for that matter Florida) were all exceedingly close. Hillary Clinton could have won. But Trump managed to get the #CrookedHillary label to stick because it was true. Hillary Clinton lost due to her own character flaws, arrogance and incompetence.  

We dodged a bullet. Our win.  

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  1. He survived, because unlike the majority of GOP politicians, he doesn't panic and wilt away whenever the Press says something they don't like. The DNC has been getting away with all sorts of BS for decades now, with the Clintons being the prime example. Hell, half the Democrat voters should be royally pissed at how the DNC aided Hillary to beat Sanders, and that should be the same half that demanded the Electoral College vote be based on a popular vote. How many more delegates would Sanders had early on if not for Hillary getting super delegates despite losing the popular vote? This is how the Democrats ended up with Hillary on their ticket despite not being well liked within the party. On the other hand, Trump won despite the biggest fundraisers actively boycotting him.


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