Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides of Maddow

I have not seen such gripping news breaking drama since Geraldo Rivera uncovered Al Capone's vault. Rachel, you are the gift that keeps on giving! You go girl.

Lem's Place: Maddow Wheel

Don Surber: Doctor Maddow, I presume?

AoSHQ: NBC upsetColbert mocking and Winners and Losers 

Legal Insurrection: Rachel Maddow commits career suicide on MSNBC

TOM: Rachel @Maddow's Big Nothing Story: Fear and Loathing at MSNBC

DaTechGuy: Liberals, Tax Returns, Fitzmas & Easy MarksIf you are not worried about leaked tax returns, you are not paying attention

Rush Limbaugh: Didn't Candidate Hillary claim Trump paid no taxes? and Don't assume Maddow and MSNBC knew the Trump tax thing added up to nothing 

American Power Blog: President Trump paid $38 million in taxes on more than $150 million in income in 2005 (that is a higher % rate than Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Bernie Sanders) and Fear and Loathing at MSNBC

Instapundit: Andrew Klavan: Rachel in WonderlandMaddow blames her viewers for expecting too much (maybe they should stop watching Maddow), UPDATE JUST IN FROM AL CAPONE’S VAULT: Five Things to Know About Rachel Maddow and Trump Taxes, Trump and Fake News Reporter

EBL: Donald Trump: Beware The Ides of March (Hint: It is not Rachel Maddow you have to worry about)

TOM is focused on all the stories Rachel Maddow and MSNBC seem to ignore involving violence against women: Georgia Sex Slavery, Lesbian dance teachers molesting girls, Art school kidnapping and rape, HIV+ rape, Genderless Minnesota, Iranian immigrant raped in Houston, Gang rape of mentally impaired girl, Campus rape epidemic continues, Patriarchy pays to smash itself


  1. The truly funny part is these morons don't understand that, every time they pull something like this, they take away another excuse to go all outraged when the Conservatives do the same thing to them.

  2. I dunno, does she deserve to be called an asshat for being an idiot? Probably so, because whether idiotic or not, she acted in malice. Then if she is asshat, is it only for one day? Like some have pointed out; she out did Geraldo and Al Capone's vault. Then again, there was a bit more advertisement for that idiocy. How about Asshat of the decade?

    I do enjoy Drudge pointing out what others tend to forget or not note... MSNBC has a few personalities with tax leans and that Trump's AMT percentage tax was higher than, MSNBC; or for that matter Hillary or Bernie. More to what Ed said; this shows why demanding the tax returns of candidates is just a bad idea in general. If you want them, make it a requirement for the position; otherwise shut up about it (for your own good!).


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