Friday, March 10, 2017

Shaun King Actually Making Sense?

Fortunately the Democrats will probably ignore Shaun King's advice and remain in denial. Trump Derangement Syndrome is far too powerful, like those parasitic wasps (and not the white Anglo-Saxon protestant ones) and fungi that lay an egg or inject a spore into a host insect body and turn them into zombies. 

Instapundit: IVORY AND IVORY: TCU Invites Shaun King to Speak During ‘Unity Week’

TOM: Feminism: Reality is a social construct and Third wave Feminism ruins everything

AoSHQ; Feminist Secret Weapon, Disputing Reality, and Woke

Hot Air: Andrew Sullivan actually making sense?

Wombat: Louder With Crowder: Reasons To Vote for Democrats Is Amazon Best-Seller, Filled With Empty Pages and Dustbury: GOPCare

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