Sunday, March 12, 2017

Scarlett Johansson's Pug and Trump Derangement Syndrome on SNL

About time.  Enjoy it while you can. SNL will go back to bashing Trump 99% of the time. Still it is refreshing to see SNL take on lefty sensibilities (it hasn't really done so since the Dave Chappell and Chris Rock Election Night skit).  


  1. I think the ratings are bad enough, you'll see something other that all TDS all the time.

    1. SNL ratings are way up with all its TDS since the election (and before it), hence the reason it is so slanted. But that was because they started at a low basement level of ratings to start with. SNL is late night TV (which has a small market share to start with) and will skews young and lefty.

      But if they did a more balanced show, it would in fact boost its ratings. They would be wise to do more of that.


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