Saturday, March 4, 2017

Logan (2017): A Review

John Nolte's review prompted me to go see Logan last night. I concur with him, it is an excellent adaption of one of the few Marvel franchises I like (please let the new Guardians be good). The action scenes in Logan are excellent, as is the acting by Hugh JackmanPatrick Stewart, and new comer Dafne Keen.  

While I suspect guys like Stewart (he just applied for American Citizenship to 'fight' Trump) think this is a foretelling of a Trumpian America, I concur with Nolte this is actually an Obama vision of the future (the movie is set in 2029). Creepy amoral antagonist Dr. Zander Rice's Richard E. Grant looks a hell of a lot like perpetually smug leftist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Coincidence?

Oh wait, Anti-vaxer RFK Jr. is working on 'vaccine safety' for the Trump Administration? Oh crap! Those Deep State moles are everywhere.  

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