Saturday, March 11, 2017

Is firing Preet Bharara an unforced error by President Trump? Update: You're Fired!

Separated at Birth: Preet Bharara and his Billions doppelgänger Paul Giamatti

I can understand the caution of the Trump Administration about Baharara, he was at least signaling he was open to be Attorney General under Hillary Clinton (had she won) and was a former legal advisor to Chuck Schumer. Still, does it make sense to fire him now or wait and see? Jazz Shaw makes some good points. So does the NY Post.

Trump should do what is the best interest of his administration's goals and the country's.  Legitimately, Trump wants his own people working for him. It seems to me you can do both (although Bharara may have burned that bridge by laying down an ultimatum). The President can say he intends to eventually replace all Obama political appointees in the Justice Department, but not rush on certain select cases like Bharara's.

Regardless if Bharara goes immediately or later, it would be smart for the Trump Administration to defuse and dampen this transition if they can.

You're fired:  Preet was sort of a dick and worked for Schumer, so I will defer to Trump on this one (even if he was going after De Blasio and Cuomo for corruption, he also screwed over D'Souza).  See ya!

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  1. Great post. I am going to feature it at Lem's and point people here.

  2. Bharara and the second ranking FBI guy (Comey stooge?) filed charges against Dinesh D'Souza on election law violations.

    Surber has some background and it does sound like a political hit.


    1. You and the Don make good points. I am going to guess Trump and Sessions decided they could not trust Bharara (and they may very well be right).


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