Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hand Of God: A Review

While far from my favorite Amazon series, Hand of God is still pretty good. Season 2 is actually a bit better than the first one. It reminds me of Sons of Anarchy, although that maybe because Ron Perlman is in it and it's set in California (if it was set in subterranean NYC in the 80s, then it would remind me of that George R.R. Martin classic Beauty and the Beast*).

Hand of God is a bit dark and twisted, but if you don't take it seriously it is ok. This is another Rotten Tomatoes show that gets poor critic ratings but audiences tend to like it.

* GRRM wanted B&TB to be darker

There is also a lot of talent in Hand of God. Never let a Rule 5 opportunity go to waste:


  1. She's aged well.

    And she's well-aged.

    1. She claims no plastic surgery. Apparently she tried botox once and it hit a nerve and made one of her eyes slightly droopy for a bit, so she swore it all off.


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