Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Night Frolics: What has Bill Clinton been up to lately?

Wombat: Twitchy: Set Phasers For BURN – Dana Loesch TORCHES George Takei For Pence-Mocking Tweet (we know Bill Clinton does not follow the Pence rule for dining out) and Adam Piggott: Podcast #42 – The Hairdressing Episode, also, Friday Hawt Links – The One For The Nerds

Instapundit: Not cheating is a problemHey Mike Pence haters, here is progressive super hero Ta-Nehisi Coates...

Michelle Malkin: Hillary fans have a problem with Mike Pence?

Victory Girls: And the media are still going after Mike Pence?

Don Surber: US Media ignore a possible Clinton sex scandal

Lem's Place: Damned if you do and Pence loves his wife

TOM: College Girls: Prostitutes and Democrats!

Woodsterman: Looking out for men's health

Proof Positive: Friday Night Babe

Pirate's Cove: If all you see is...

DaTechGuy: Proximate sin...

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