Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Comedy Gold: SJWs call out Amy Schumer as a racist!

This is of course complete BS (it is a movie and comedy, go back and watch some Cheech and Chong and chill the heck out SJWs). SJWs have apparently latched on to Ms. Schumer, like remoras to a shark or maybe leaches to a host.  Given how Amy Schumer and her douchebag uncle like to dish it out to conservatives, however, there is some Schadenfreude in seeing her getting it right back.


Instapundit: If you are going to steal jokes Fat Amy, at least pick funny ones...

AoSHQ: Did Amy steal some jokes?

TOM: AoSHQ Comic Genius

FMJRA and Rule 5

Federalist: Amy Schumer is 'Horribly Unfunny'

Legal Insurrection: Alt Right Trolls to blame for bad reviews?

AoSHQ: Amy Schumer's Netflix Special gets scathing criticism


  1. Amy Schumer And Rule 5 is like Pizza and Pineapple.
    They don't go together.
    Just sayin'


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