Monday, March 6, 2017

Ace gives some really good advice here...

There are a lot of mentally ill, potentially dangerous people out there. While there are some on the right (few), most of them are on the left. Of course, compared to past periods of madness (at least what I have read about historically--because I have not seen conditions like we have today ever in my lifetime), I am still reasonably confident we will get through this. But to simply dismiss the social break down on the left as "crazy talk" is to ignore reality. It is more than that.

And I concur with Ace's take. This election shook the left to their core. There are a lot of people who are all emotion now, as in their reptilian brains taking over their reasoning. These are dangerous times.

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  1. I blame the news media. I don't mean that flippantly, as I'm rather serious. I noticed this several years back with my mother-in-law. She's a nice lady, but constantly watches the network news. You just can't watch that stuff with get a distorted sense of the world. She was worrying about things 3 or 4 levels removed from her life, and often hundreds if not thousands of miles away from her.

    This changed a bit under Obama, because in one area Obama was correct. People really needed to realize that we didn't need to be concerned with every other countries concern. At least Obama campaigned on this, but it didn't last long.

    Now a days, the news media has to get worked up for a guy visiting a campus to talk to a few students. It's happened in the past, but that was in the 60s. For several decades, nobody cared. Now we have to are supposed to get excited whenever a federal member of the government (ok, a very soon to be member of the government) did their job in talking with foreign ambassadors. Isn't that what the federal government is supposed to do from time to time. Ben Franklin, anybody remember him? Was he a potential traitor to the country?

    If Hillary had won; we would be hearing about how glorious the United States is for finally electing a female head of state. The stock market would still be crap. Jobs would still be heading overseas. But we would be told nightly how great it is that Hillary had good meetings with Kim Jong. That Hillary made historic agreements with China to take over the South China Sea and keep the seas lane open (which deliberately ignoring the closed fishing grounds). And Hillary supporters would be reminded regularly how great they were for supporting her.

    They aren't getting this regular affirmation now.


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