Thursday, February 16, 2017

You Will Be Made To Comply: Arlene's Flowers and its owner lose 9-0 at the Washington State Supreme Court

If You Operate A Business, Dissent Will Not Be Tollerated

While I support same sex couples getting married, I do not support the state forcing anyone that they have to accommodate it. Most business would naturally not turn away the business. So why the compelling need to force people to participate?  At the penalty of severe fines, personal liability and bankruptcy? 

Social-justice warriors will no doubt celebrate the breaking of another egg for their cultural omelet. Meanwhile, Stutzman’s lawyers — my friends and former colleagues at the Alliance Defending Freedom — are appealing her case to the Supreme Court. Once again, eyes will be fixed on Justice Kennedy. Will he continue to impose his own version of the state religion, the one he so enthusiastically articulated in Obergefell? Or will he remember that words have meaning, orientation doesn’t mean action, and the state can’t compel citizens to condone what they consider immoral.


  1. Another instance where the state ought to secede from the big city.

    PS I think Kennedy may be rethinking his place in history if a couple Lefty justices go down.

  2. Most of my opposition to gay anything is this type of stuff. You want tolerance, show tolerance. When you're intolerant, then don't be surprised when others are intolerant. Some will always be intolerant, but damn there is more than one florist. Find them, pay them, and tell your friends to go to them, because that other florist deserves your business. Don't ask the state to be your big brother.

    1. I do not care for the posing and bullying being done to appease the Gay Mafia (which is a small but very leftist and vocal PAC of the Democrat Party). That is what this is really about.

    2. It's small, but like Islamist Extremism; you don't find many moderate homosexuals denouncing the extremism. And then you see someone like Milo speaking out against this and he's labeled a Nazi.


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