Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump Administration to use 100,000 National Guard Troops to round up illegals?

Given the timing of this story (around the non event day without immigrants) let's just say it stinks...

I am calling BS on this until it is confirmed by the Administration...
and Scott Spicer says it is bullshit (well he said it was false)

EBL: Trump takes on CNN Acosta and Fake News Outlets

DRUDGE REPORT: AP National Guard Story Botch That's why they call it Fake News!

Rush Limbaugh: AP Fake News and CIA moles trying to hurt Trump
Instapundit: AP Fake News and This is why the public is losing faith in the media
Legal Insurrection: This is how you manufacture fake news, one AP cow patty at a time...
Victory Girls: Media freak out over National Guard AP story, too bad it is complete fiction

Wombat: Twitchy: Meathead Predicts How “Democracy” Will Be Saved As Irony Spotters Have A Field Day, Don Surber: Chuck Todd Whinges, Rush Limbaugh Roars, Mark Steyn: The Age Of Civilizational Self-Loathing

EBL: Democrats just like to project what they would do...

Instapundit: Who knew Barack Obama was so racist?


  1. I don't watch or read mainstream media news. The elite, smug, progressive, corrupt, mainstream media lacks the capacity to report objectively on ANYTHING. If they somehow told the truth, it would be some kind of accident and hell would freeze over.

  2. Wow, that's a remarkable picture of AP's credibility.


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