Monday, February 6, 2017

Post Superbowl LI Schadenfreude

Instapundit: Goodell-enfreude

I am no Patriots fan, but to see them collectively stick it to Roger Goodell was pretty damn excellent.  

Update: I could have used balls, instead of nuts, as a metaphor, but I did not want to imply Mr. Kraft's balls were deflated. That would be vulgar.  

Townie News: Mad Tom, Revenge Road

Boston Globe: Tom Brady : "Roger That"

EBL: WAGs of Superbowl LI, Sarah Ryan, Patriot Falcon Cheerleaders, and Totino's

TOM: Patriots 34, Stereotypes 28

Rush Limbaugh: The Russians hacked the Superbowl!


  1. You asked if they are/were trying to drive people away from watching football, my answer is 'yes', they are. I didn't watch the game. After the Colin Kapernick (sp?), BLM foolishness, and the general disrespect for the U. S. by some of these over-paid and under-appreciative players, I decided to do something enjoyable and watched the Puppy Bowl.

    1. I know a lot of people who did not watch. I admit, I did watch. But I was flipping channels (a lot). Until the end that is, then it got really interesting!

  2. I rarely watch TV. I sometimes have it on like people who used to have a radio on in the background. Most of the time, my entertainment comes from the computer where I can watch videos, read news, surf blogs, or play games. The only time I watch TV is just prior to bed, because most shows bore me, even the ones I like. It is all just too predictable. Add in Hollywood group think, and it is just that more predictable.


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