Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Did President Trump really threaten to invade Mexico?


  1. God, I hope so. We held the Gulf coast of Mexico from Matamoros down to Vera Cruz, in to Mexico City, and as far west as Chihuahua (El Paso at the least, NM's western border at most). we gave it back to them and this is what we get for being nice. Go in, take the damned place, and turn them all into Gringos.

    "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican American War"

    It's the Mexican War, only Euros and PC types call it anything else.

    PS The Mexican War is one of my 2 favorite wars, as you might imagine.

  2. But Ed, the American part was the best part! We should have kept Baja.

  3. 100 years ago, US forces entered Mexico, chasing that bad hombre, Pancho Villa. This was a distraction from our entry into WW I. The Krauts were doing nefarious things like trying to get Mexico on their side.


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