Friday, January 27, 2017

Why Twitter Is Failing and the EU is doomed: #FreeSargonOfAkkad

Yeah, yeah, I know Twitter is a private platform and it can ban people for any reason it wants. That does not make what Twitter did above right. It is also a stupid position for Twitter, because that is why Twitter is failing as a social media platform.  

And what Sargon of Akkad said is absolutely right. And everyone knows it is right. And you wonder how we got Brexit and Trump? More of this and Le Pen may win in France.  


  1. This is why is starting to catch on instead of leftist twitter. On twitter, all leftist speech is doubleplusgood and all right speech is thoughtcrime.
    Europe? It will go the same way Iraq, Egypt, and most Arab nations have gone, from Christianity to Islam.

    1. I tried to get on Gab and it says I am hundreds of thousands in place in line. So it is worthless until it can get the capability to expand. It is a private club for those who got in early. Twitter is smart enough to make it easy to get on. But Twitter is doomed because it is restricting speech.

  2. Other than rarely clicking a link to a tweet that made it into the news to read a bit more; I've never used Twitter. To be fair, I'm not much into social media, but I understand Facebook, for keeping up with true friends and family that are otherwise distant, and LinkedIn for the same thing with coworkers and former coworkers.

    Blogs are much better.

  3. cool but turns out it was for posting black gay porn


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