Friday, January 13, 2017

Stay Puffy: Ashley Judd says yellow emojis are racist...

You know what is racist, a yellow white women exercising her white privilege and dictating the use of black emojis!  I am assuming Ms. Puffernutter missed my post about Ellen Pompeo who was attacked by SJWs for cultural appropriation for having the temerity of using black emojis

Have you not gotten the memo from Black Feminists: White feminist women, such as yourself, need to shut up.  

Did Ashley Judd really get beaned ⚾ in the head in the Simon Birch movie?

Stay Puffy Ms. Puffernutter!

EBL: Ellen Pompeo gets a taste of SJW outrage...

Instapundit: Oikophobia RisingA leftist magazine exposes Ashley Judd as troubled and strange

TOM: Race Divides at #WomensMarch in Black Feminists tell White Feminists to Shut Up. I am not a fan of Black Feminists, but after listing to Ashley Judd, they really do have a point.

TOM: Why The Blame Game Doesn't Work

Smitty: Goodbye, No-Talent Rodeo Clown

Rule 5 and FMJRA


  1. Fail. She's a slag now. Expect hairy armpits and lots of complaints about how she can't get work anymore. Madonna, Kidman, This one here, Judd. Slags aplenty.

    1. Just because a woman gets older doesn't make her a slag. Madonna and Judd are slags, not because age is catching up on them, but because of who they are.

    2. Nicole Kidman showed some class. Why are you attacking her? We all get older. But Madonna and Judd are making fools of themselves and are hypocritical. Lady Gaga is not too far behind them.


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