Sunday, January 22, 2017

So what if it was a misunderstanding: Doug Adler Fired By ESPN over 'racist' comment

WTF is wrong with ESPN? Actually, we know what is wrong with ESPN...

Is there something I am missing about Doug Adler that justifies this? I understand some momentary confusion over the comment and misunderstanding, but there is a huge difference between guerrilla and gorilla. The context of the comment certainly implied guerrilla. I do not see any racist intent, at all, from what Adler said.  

Independent: Venus Williams did not get freaked out over it and Adler apologized for poor choice of words (I do not think an apology was even warranted, but he did apologize). 



  1. Adler plays a loud dog whistle.

    1. More like Adler triggered the demons in other people's heads


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