Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Making Decimation Great Again

Washington Examiner: Boom!

Ok, chill, we are talking about slashing discretionary budgets by 20% and laying off 10% of over paid (mostly) political hacks. If you are really serious about taking on out of control government, this is the way to do it.

If Trump actually does this, it will be YUGE. The wails from the Democrats and Left (and some GOPe) would be enormous, but the benefits would long term and profound.

Do it!

Don Surber: #NeverTrumpers demand he hires them

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Lem's Place: Federal Spending Cuts Could Save Over 10 Trillion Over Ten Years


  1. Crassus did it and it won the Third Servile War.

    1. True! And I do not think Trump is talking about doing this to the military this time, but to the Eunuch Shadow Government Agencies. I would start with the IRS and EPA (I would not mind abolishing both agencies altogether) and then move their way down. They need to get rid of about 75% of those higher level G-13 through 15 positions.

      I bet we find that they start doing their real jobs again.

  2. I'm so old, I remember when Obama surrogates bragged about his reduction in the size of government, but that was from cutting the number of uniformed military personnel. And to be fair, perhaps that was needed. But we don't need an enlarged EPA that destroys the environment, a BATF that allows guns to be smuggled to Mexico, a NSA that spies on all US citizens, or an IRS, State, or OPM IT department that would fail any corporate SEC audit. That's just a few low hanging fruit cuts that don't even touch Education and Title IX thought police (why does DoEd need a SWAT team?).

  3. Can 20% of the Federal workforce, there will be the beginning of a housing crash there and it won't be pretty. And, it could spread. Happens in DC first, every time.

    1. Jim, he won't come close to cutting 20% of entire workforce--although I wish he would to every federal department other than Defense. It is not just their salaries saved, these political hacks cause a lot of damage to us all. If Trump does cut out some of this fat, it will create more wealth and prosperity in the rest of the country.


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