Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Crushes Chuck Todd

Donald Trump is blessed to have Kellyanne Conway as part of his team...

Other blogs have congratulated Kellyanne on her exchange above with Todd or addressed the underlying issue, such as Nox & Friends and The Last Tradition.  

I thought Reince Priebus was okay on Fox News Sunday today, but overall Kellyanne is way better. She did the same with ABC's homunculus Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos as she did with Chuck Todd above.  

I love her at around 10:30 calling out Chuck Todd as an opinion commentator and not a news reporter. Isn't that the truth? She then points out at 11:50 how they have a 14% approval rating or how NBC missed Brexit, and the Trump campaign, or the fake news story about removing the MLK Jr. bust from the Oval Office.  

The media is obsessed with playing gotcha with Trump. Spicer made the mistake of emphatically responding to the media on crowd size and the media goes nuts. While I am sure Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews and George Stephanopoulos would all want to join into this swan song, what freaks them out is how President Trump is going to dismantle the failed policy legacy of President Obama. All I can say is faster, please.  

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