Monday, January 9, 2017

Fences: A Review

Denzel Washington does a good job acting as Troy Maxson and directing Fences.  It is based on August Wilson's 1983 play Fences (spoilers). While I liked the film a lot, it does not capture the emotional power of the play.  Still, it is definitely worth watching. While Wilson's play (and the film) focus on a Negro (this is pre Black) working class family in 1950 and 60s Pittsburgh, the themes and plot could apply to any working class family today. 

Denzel does well at the patriarch of this family. I really liked Viola Davis' performance as Rose Maxson (which also got her a Golden Globe).  I also suspect we will be seeing more of Jovan Adepo, who plays Troy Maxson's younger son, Cory.  

While the film experience was good, you can see it in the theaters or wait for DVD/Blue Ray.  

Vulture: Movie Review of Fences

JD Rucker/DaTechGuy: Why we should shun the Golden Globes and Hollywood liberals. He has a point, especially after so many chidey comments about Trump at the Golden Globes (especially Meryl Streep's over the top attack).  I get there are reasons to dislike Trump, but why do you think he got elected despite Hollywood's preening?  Still, I liked Fences.  

Instapundit: You get used to it Viola and be careful Hollywood is not subject to reforms (actually it is about time it was, and yes you remind voters why they voted for Trump).

The Wrap: Hidden Fences

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