Monday, January 9, 2017

Asshat of the Day: Meryl Streep Apparently Loves The Sound Of Her Own Voice...

Talk about embracing victim status! Meryl managed to be more out of it last night than Goldie Hawn (you had to see Goldie's performance to understand that comment).  With that chidey acceptance speech for the Cecil B. award, Meryl has no clue that she just alienated half her audience (just a clue Meryl, that room was not your audience). 

Meryl also threw a dig in on football, but football ratings are dramatically down, primarily because it has opted to go "Hollywood" in preening and preaching. Does she wonder why anti terrorist movies do well and anti war movies fail?  Or why feminist, or anti gun political message movie fail at the box office?  

I am pretty sure this is what Meryl Streep thinks should be done about Rush Limbaugh...

Rush really nails what is driving Ms. Streep with this commentary.  

Actually this clip is her in 2015 cheering Patricia Arquette's feminist equal pay in Hollywood Oscar speech , but Streep did lead the standing ovation for Roman Polanski at the 2003 Oscars (Polanski was convicted of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl in Jack Nicolson's Hollywood hottub).

Oh, on catching Polanski in the act with an underage girl? Angelica Houston thought nothing of it. Please Hollywood, when you defend an adult man getting a 13 year old girl high and sodomizing her and then want that issue to go away because he is an "artist," do not lecture us on decency.

JD Rucker/DaTechGuy: Why we should shun the Golden Globes and Hollywood liberals. He has a point, especially after so many chidey comments about Trump at the Golden Globes (especially Meryl Streep's over the top attack). I get there are reasons to dislike Trump, but why do you think he got elected despite Hollywood's preening?

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  1. What day has she not been an asshat? I think the movie's I've seen her in, she played the top asshat. It's her best role, and she's very good at it, personally and professionally.


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