Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 IS HERE

Happy New Years: I hope 2017 turns out well.  

Instapundit: This is CNNDonna Brazile (now says) she saw it comingDonald sends New Year 'love' to haters

Legal Insurrection: Goodbye 2016 and Some people won't just leave us alone

Lem Levity: Chinese New Year and Nothing Changes

DRUDGE REPORT: The year of the spectacular

AmPowerBlog: Trump ditches press today

Regular Right Guy: Lefty Awards 2016

Hot Air: No Golf For You! Good!

DaTechGuy: 2016 was ok

PJ Media: Goodbye 2016


  1. Will this be a prime year?

    Happy New Year's, EBL!

    1. I was promised no math!

      And are those Hillary's fireworks?

      Happy 2017 all!


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