Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Scott Pruitt To Head Environmental Protection Agency

AoSHQ: Winning

Wow.  This is a big deal. The EPA is one of the most out of control rogue agencies out there and Scott Pruitt is the person to bring it back into line.  I was hoping for Myron Ebell, but Scott Pruitt is great. Pruitt is a skeptic on climate change. I am pretty sure Trump did not discuss this with Al Gore the other day. Ouch.  

RedState/Streiff: Panic On The Left
Streiff is going to have another cigarette and stare at the ceiling!


  1. I knew the Al Gore stuff was BS. Between the NYT lie, and Al Gore pretending to be welcomed at Trump Tower; it's obvious that progressives are ready to die on the sword of AGW. Enjoy the snow Chicago!

  2. Matt Drudge now has a story about DiCaprio sneaking into the Tower for a face to face. I'm now more convinced progressives are trying to sway Donald Trump to protect their future of controlling the means of production via global warming regulation. I think Donald's recording the conversations for future blackmail and then sending them home. We already seen this playout with Pinch and the NYT.


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