Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Michigan seems like a dream to me now...well more of a nightmare for some!

Never saw a campaign like this! Who knew those Russians got the folks running the Clinton Campaign in Brooklyn to throw it all away!

David Brock: Last Exit to Brooklyn  Calls the press "animals" and blames the Brooklyn campaign for not defending its Queen.

Powerline: More Hillary Election Postmortems Schadenfreudetastic reading!

Instapundit: Seems like a few people are not happy with Huma! and Popular!

Right Scoop: Give Jill Stein credit for uncovering voter fraud in Michigan!

AoSHQ: Michigan voter fraud investigation! and Huma!

Vanity Fair: Blame going to Huma

Hot Air: Hillary's Sad Loser Party
There was no plausible scenario in which Clinton might win the electoral college but lose the popular vote. There was, of course, a plausible scenario in which the opposite happened, but Hillary and her dumb advisors were so blindly confident in their Rust Belt “firewall” that they thought they could afford to worry about the optics of winning the presidency without having won the most votes nationwide. Now imagine being one of the invitees to tomorrow’s party, reflecting on all of that, and realizing that whatever was left over from your donation will be put towards paying for a big soiree at which Hillary herself will thank you for having stupidly trusted her. Gonna be a lot of forced smiles at the Plaza.  
The excerpt above, by the way, comes from a Vanity Fair piece on the fate of Huma Abedin, who’s spent half her life becoming the crony di tutti cronies in ClintonWorld only to find that she backed the wrong horse — twice, given her alter ego as Mrs. Anthony Weiner. “Maybe I’m just pissed off,” said one Clinton advisor to VF, “but I really don’t give a sh*t about what happens to Huma to be honest with you.” Without Weiner’s teen sexting scandal, there’s probably no new Comey letter in late October; without the new Comey letter in late October, we might be preparing for a Clinton presidency now and Huma might be preparing to be deputy White House chief of staff. What does she do now? Much like the Clinton Foundation, her main political asset is top access to Hillary Clinton, and today that asset is worth virtually nothing. The Foundation can go on rattling its cup in the name of charity but where does Abedin go, especially with other precincts of ClintonWorld angry at her? Ah well. There’s always lobbying.

Rush Limbaugh: Be OptomisticDemocrats blame the RussiansRaise Insane Children. The Aleppo Russian Hack

Instapundit: Insane Thuggish Lefties

RedState: The bizarre reason Obama let the Russians hack and Look where the fraud was in Michigan

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  1. But then there are the Muslim Fatwas from Paki-Whackie to Yemen, demanding her death for marrying a Jew, for staying with a pervert, for working for the government, for her vanity. She's deader than Vince Foster, she just isn't moldering in a grave yet. She's actually in a pretty dangerous position right now, self-preservation wise. She also has issues with FBI, NYPD, US Attorney General's office in NY State, Capitol Hill, and of course, she's a MAJOR liability to the Clintons. Hillary might finger Huma for a madcap Muslim, who knows? Weiner's money ran out, he had to leave the sex farm and he owes BIG dough for his campaign finance sins, two or three hundred thousand AND, he's walking right into charges for sending dick-pics to a minor. The Weiner/Huma power couple is smashed on the rocks, a smoking heap of soon-to-be-bankrupt wreckage, both of them fearful for their very lives.

    I of course, could not be happier.


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