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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Barack Obama and John Kerry: Let's Screw The Jews!

John Kerry would have made a great Sonderkommando. At least they were forced to do what they did, what is John Kerry's excuse?  At the Obama Administration, apparently Valerie Jarrett still calls the shots (like John Kerry, while she has Jewish roots she roots for the Muslim-Leftist-AntiWest side). Leftist politics and Obama's nasty vindictiveness takes precedent over everything else.

Legal Insurrection: Netanyahu responds to Kerry speech and John Kerry's Angry Speech (guess where the anger is directed) and Donald Trump's Message to Israel (stay strong, I will be in office soon)
AoSHQ: Kerry caught red handed screwing over Israel with the Palestinans, First a stab in the back, then they twist the knife..., Obama orchestrated anti Israel vote in UN
Instapundit: Obama's betrayal of Israel should not standJohn Kerry urges Israel to stay strong till he becomes Presidentwhy should John Kerry dictate how Israel develops Israel?Russia rejects Kerry's speech

Hot Air: John Kerry gets to deliver that speech he has been practicing in the mirror for years, Netanyahu: Deep Disappointment, and USA screws Israel on that UN resolution

NRO: Ben Shapiro: Obama despises Israel because he despises the West and Andrew McCarthy on Kerry's speech

EBL: Obama celebrates Hannukah the only way he knows how

Powerline: Obama's Vindictiveness Drove UN vote

Victory Girls: How pathetic was Kerry's speech?

Breitbart: Netanyahu slams Kerry speech

Regular Right Guy: Obama shafts Israel

The Lid: Even the Russians reject Kerry

Twitchy: John Kerry, Human Pustule

AmPowBlog: Obama betrays Israel

DC: Kerry: Jewish or Democratic

Lem's Place: Israel Oh Israel

TOM: Unhinged by Hate

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