Sunday, November 6, 2016

If you want Hillary to be defeated, you better vote on or before Tuesday...

Yeah, I know there is a reason that people call Allahpundit "Eyeore," but that does not mean he is completely wrong. Still, there is hope in Nevada (as Political Hat notes). Trump's path is narrower than Crooked Hillary's. Assume the worse and vote. Vote early. Trump needs a big turnout in the battle ground states to pull this off.

Don SurberRosey Grier for Trump and don't believe the negative hype

Remember if it is close they can and will try to steal it.

Lem's Place: American Comeback Story

Powerline: Game Changer?

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  1. Good point. Supporting Trump means absolutely nothing unless you actually get out and vote. Incidentally, I would expect early voting to favor Hillary.


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