Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Weld

Perhaps not the best shooting form...

Classic TV Blog: Tuesday Weld

Village Voice: Review of If It's Tuesday, I Must Be Dead...

Rule 5 and FMJRA

I forgot to give this h/t to AoSHQ: My Bad!


  1. Meh..Nice girl, I like Mary Tyler Moore in her prime a lot better.

    1. Of course MTM is not named Tuesday! I will keep her in mind for another day in the future, just for you Jim.

  2. The old Dick Van Dyke series, the Petrie family, Alan Brady, that one. Compare the comedy of Carl Reiner with ANYTHING his meatheaded son Rob did or participated in or that they have come up with since they lifted decency standards. They had to come up with real comedy back then. Anyway, the dance routines the two of them did were cool. You Wonderful You, the Christmas special they did one year was nice, the two if them in Santa suits doing a routine. I suppose I watch it sometimes because it's funny, but also because we were a classier, more tasteful, a plain old more decent society back then. The men wore suits, the were all ex military, they could show Christmas, the women were thinner and classier. Netflix has the whole series, it's pleasant to watch.


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