Monday, October 17, 2016

Paris 2016: Scenes from the Apocalypse

Zero Hedge: The Future Is Here

If you want to understand while many voters went with Donald Trump over other Republican candidates, it is issues like this. What is depicted in Paris above is also happening all over the United States (maybe not as bad in some places, possibly worse in others). 

We managed to dodge a mass influx of Muslim immigration that has plagued Europe (although Obama and Hillary certainly want to change that). At least most immigrants from Central and South America are culturally not that much different than North Americans--but that is only when you have controlled immigration with assimilation.  


  1. Most French are not much different than North Africans. The claim collapses if you aren't so selective in what you admit. It's so easy to whip up a crisis over something so far away which few have experienced. In fact most Europeans hardly notice this great crisis which Americans keep talking about, because it is little different from the norm. As you say, you could take a picture like that in many countries. VDH reckons California is bad and sounds worse than Europe. I know people there, you Americans are getting all hyped up for nothing. Whatever you imagine is happening in Europe is NOT a reaswon to elect Trump. The state of the world in general is though.

    1. So where in Europe do you live. We are not talking about Pied Noir French from Algeria (who still have not fully integrated yet into French society after almost fifty years)--this is different. You say Europeans have not noticed this crisis, really? So those rapes in Sweden and Germany are not noticed? Thousands and thousands of uncontrolled of economic migrants to Greek and Italian islands are not noticed? Riots in Calais? Bombings and terrorist attacks in France and Belgium?

      I am not opposed to immigration with the goal of assimilation to the society. That can happen when it is controlled. What I am absolutely opposed to is suicidal immigration that degrades the society itself.

      My point about Trump is if you want to know an issue he resonates on, it is this. And I predict you will see similar things arise in Europe.


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