Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6, 1973: Yom Kippur War

Yom Kippur War, Egyptians Crossing The Suez Canal

Legal Insurrection: Yom Kippur War  Professor Jacobson overstates it a bit.  

While Israeli forces were caught dangerously off guard by the Egyptians, the chance of Egypt being able to actually overwhelm Israel itself was very unlikely.  That was not really the goal. Sadat wanted a political victory to sell to the people back home and to capture as much of Sinai as he could. For the first couple of days Sadat got his victory.   

Still the casualties for the Israelis were high. About 2,500 to 2,800 Israelis were killed in action, another 7,500 wounded. For such a small country, those are tremendous losses.  

Israeli Defense Forces rallied, however, and managed to cut off a large portion of the Egyptian army and IDF forces got within twenty miles of Cairo (and the only reason the Israeli army stopped was political, not due to any significant military resistance at that point).  The war ended up being settled by a brokered agreement pushed through by Henry Kissinger and the Americans.  

The Israelis also drove the Syrians off the Golan Heights. Jordanian forces were repelled on the West Bank.

Fortunately the right side won. Israel can never afford to lose a war.  

Talking about attacks on Jews: Doug Ross: here is Hillary's own Huma Abedin going on the offensive

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  1. Was there a lot in the 70s, Nimitz went to Haifa a couple of times, airplanes used to break, they'd fly us in to fix em, got to meet a lot of their military, especially the IAF. Tip-shelf folks. The peeps of the tribe here in the states are a mere shadow of the Israelis and most, especially the Liberals, aren't supportive of Israel. And Huma Weiner is an avowed Israel-hater from way back. I don't think Hillary even went to Israel when she was SecState, did she? If she did, I bet it was arranged for Huma to stay home that week.

    The right side won, but the wrong side is headed for nuclear capability and Baraq Husseini Obama gave it to them. You know how the Israelis track down and kill those that harm the Israeli State? God help the enablers if Israel ever gets nuked. Nuff said.


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