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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Megyn Kelly Is Only Selectively Interested In Sex...

The Federalist: Thirteen Times Hillary Clinton Was Truly A Nasty Woman: It is not sexist to call Hillary a nasty woman because it is the truth.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Regular Right Guy: Newt Smack-down of Megyn

Lem's Place: Hillary a poor version of Evita and Me Tarzan you Gyn

EBL: Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Trump

AoSHQ: Me-Again Kelly is biased, a liar, and all in for Hillary,  Me-Again Kelly and NeverTrumpers never seem to want to discuss policy of Hillary vs. TrumpWar on Women? The real war is on our boys! and Nasty Nurse Rachet Clinton

Instapundit: Flashback: Donald Trump, Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali togetherIt was only a matter of time, Where's the FBI? (seriously Megyn, doesn't this require a bit more outrage), and Megyn: How about this from Huma?

Rush Limbaugh: They are all talking about Newt vs. Megyn, Polls TighteningThese people do not deserve to be returned to powerObamacare implodes as designed, Nasty Women: How can Elizabeth Warren say those things about Trump with Hillary Clinton sitting right there? 

Proof Positive: Go home Newt, you're drunk!


  1. I just don't find trouble to be sexy. I've met lots of pretty woman that will flirt and hint at more, but you can tell that the first time you say "no" on anything; they'll report you as the worst slime that walked the earth. So in my case, I avoid them.

    Otherwise, I get it. She seems fairly obsessed about sex, so long as it is about Trump. She gets off on Trump.

  2. Liberal Loon. Slept with Ailes, Murdoch or both. Hated by Liberals until she hassled and was "abused" by Trump. Now? Darling of the Left. Shaved her head, she's about to file for her second divorce. Eat, Pray Love. Me? I'd do her an anal rudeness, dry, in theory, with her written and sworn consent. Objectified? Sure, but she profited. Can't complain about your just deserts later.

  3. Oh, I would hit the shit outta Megyan. I know what would be involved, but I'd still do it. :D Also, the second picture isn't Megyn Kelly. It's Brooklyn Decker. The first picture of Megyn is always funny to me. She looks so uncomfortable doing it and it makes her look like she's gotta take a fart.

    1. I was thinking she looked much better in the second picture...that explains why!


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