Friday, October 21, 2016

Jonah Goldberg is right about Hillary Clinton:

Even if she wins, Hillary is significantly damaged...
During the Cold War, the Russians mastered the use of slow-acting poisons to kill victims long after they were stabbed with an umbrella tip. Fittingly, the WikiLeaks emails may act like ricin or anthrax, wreaking havoc on Clinton's presidency long after they're released. In a normal election year with a normal GOP nominee, the WikiLeaks revelations might prove fatal to Clinton's candidacy. Instead, it seems almost a sure thing that they will poison Clinton's presidency for years to come. The allegations of pay-for-play between her foundation and the State Department, her speeches to Wall Street, the animosity of some of her closest advisors for Catholics: All of these things will have a long half-life. As will her manifest lies about the use of her private server.
I suspect many Democrats are secretly hoping Hillary can be forced out before she causes too much damage to them.  Hillary Clinton will have to die or be impeached first, she will never voluntarily walk away.

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  1. None of it matters, not one solitary item. Friday after election day, Obama's going to issue a pardon for anything she did or may have done from 1972-present. If anyone thinks a liberal will feel tarnished by aligning themselves with this toxic, criminal, thieving witch, they have serious delusions. Liberal Democrats, the sub-humans that would vote for Hillary, get that way from ignorance, from sloth, they have to rationalize away facts and figures and even the precious little they know about human nature, honor, decency, country and duty to humanity. The only bit of good news is she's horribly rotten inside, dying before our eyes. Bill too. Evil eats you from the inside out. In an age when folks of wealth in their late sixties are just getting warmed up, these two are rotting on the vine before our very eyes. She will accept her pardon, but each act of divisive policy, each dishonor committed will continue her internal rot until, an old and evil invalid, she passes from the Earth for the meeting with the entity to whom she sold her soul. I'm thinking "Oh God" here, except for Hillary, there is no redemption, none, Rest In Pieces.. As long as Bill keeps up his HIV cocktail of drugs, he's going to live, but with Hillary finally gone, perhaps he'll fade off to Club Trump. At long last, no longer having to account to and pretend to like even a little bit, the evil feminist entity that indeed corroded and assisted the corruption of HIS soul. My ode to the Clintons. A rotten, evil, thieving and corrupt political dynasty indeed. May she not get us all killed on the way out. If there is truly a God..

    1. I assume Obama will pardon her. Great way to start off an administration. She will make history...

      God help us all.


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